How can a non-teaching undergraduate degree benefit you while earning your teaching degree?

Maybe you previously earned your bachelor’s degree in history, biology, English, or Spanish, and realized that the career path you chose may not be the one you actually wanted. Or perhaps your life took a turn and didn’t follow that path you expected it to follow.  Regardless, now you want to be a teacher However, you don’t have a teaching degree.  How can you make it so that your previously earned bachelor’s degree is still relevant? At WLC, we offer a transition to teaching degree program that allows those interested in the teaching profession to earn a master’s degree that leads to a teaching license in the state of Wisconsin. The bachelor’s degree you previously earned can help you with your teaching degree if you plan on specializing in that subject at the secondary education level. 

Secondary Education

Secondary education, teaching at the middle or high school level, is the one specialization within WLC’s Master of Art in Education – Transition to Teaching that can utilize your bachelor’s degree and decrease the amount of time you actually have to spend within the program.  High school and middle school teachers specialize in subjects and teach exclusively within that subject matter. Those who want to teach in the subject they already have a degree in bypass the necessity of taking those related courses, in most cases. If a person had their undergraduate degree in accounting, for example, but wanted to teach history at the secondary education level, they would then have to take more history courses than someone who had already earned their Bachelor of Arts degree in history. 

M.A.Ed. Transition to Teaching at WLC

At Wisconsin Lutheran College, our Master of Art in Education – Transition to Teaching program is designed to ensure you enter the teaching profession confident that you can lead a classroom. We offer multiple levels that you can earn your degree in including:
  • Early childhood
  • Elementary
  • Secondary
  • Wide-range
WLC’s teaching degree is a hybrid program, meaning that you’ll take half of your classes on campus and half of them online. It allows you to receive the in-person classroom experience but offers more flexibility due to the online nature of some of the courses.  At the completion of WLC’s program, you will be licensed within the state of Wisconsin to teach at the specific level that you chose. If you have any questions about our program and what it entails, call us at 414.404.4028 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!


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