Explore innovative curricula and teaching practices to better serve students. with an M.A. in Education in High-Performance Instruction.

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Fully Online

Master of Arts in Education – High Performance Instruction

Develop innovative curricula and teaching practices to better serve students while earning your Director of Instruction license #5010

The fully online Master of Arts in Education degree with a specialization in High Performance Instruction at Wisconsin Lutheran College is ideal for educators who seek to focus on high performance research, data-driven decision-making and practical models. In this degree program, you’ll dive into education theory, practice and psychology.

If you aspire to lead as a curriculum specialist, designer, or director of curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development and are already licensed as an educator, this graduate program will qualify you across all grade levels. Courses are offered on an eight-week basis.

Graduates will be prepared to:

  • Develop practical models
  • Continue to improve teacher quality and effectiveness
  • Use instructional methods to increase student engagement and achievement

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Wisconsin Lutheran College offers several academic programs which lead to professional licensure in the state of Wisconsin. The High Performance Instruction concentration in the Master of Arts in Education program provides the opportunity to receive an administration license (Director of Instruction license #5010) through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). All students should be aware that states vary in their educational and professional requirements depending on the profession.

Chase your dreams


  • EDU 601 Education as a Change Agent in a Diverse Society

  • EDU 610 Advanced Educational Psychology

  • EDU 621 Curriculum Design and Technological Integration

  • EDU 622 Best Practices in High Performance Instruction and Methodologies

  • EDU 623 Coaching, Mentorship, and Instructional Leadership
  • EDU 624 Assessing and Evaluating for Academic Success
  • EDU 625 Professional Development and the Learning Community
  • EDU 653 Emerging Adaptive Instructional Technologies
  • EDU 681 Leadership, Change, and Communication
  • EDU 691 Practicum
  • EDU 692 Educational Research Design
  • EDU 693 Capstone: Integration of Theory into Practice