What Are Special Education Administrators?

Those interested in special education typically enter the field in order to change the lives of the students they interact with and teach. They work alongside aides and other professionals in order to provide the best education they can for their students who often have developmental disabilities or intellectual disabilities.  Special education teachers are driven by their love of their students and their desire to better their lives. This is why special education teachers go on to become special education administrators. Working as a special education administrator allows a person to oversee more than just their singular classroom and have a larger realm of influence on the lives of students.

What do Special Education Administrators do?

Special Education Administrators manage and oversee a district’s (or sometimes multiple districts’) special education programs. Rather than working in a classroom, special education administrators oversee the budget and planning that goes into the department as well as work on both the curriculum and policy.  The exact responsibilities of a Special Education Administrator vary depending on the district and state the person is working in.  However, no matter where that a Special Education Administrator is hired, their primary goal is to ensure the students are taken care of. Their students have different needs than traditional students, so a special education administrator’s responsibility is to make sure that the teachers are qualified and are taking absolute care of their students. 

Special Education Administrator’s Career Path

Special Education Administrators often have extensive classroom experience and understanding of special education curricula. They should be licensed as special education teachers before they take the next steps to become a special education administrator. If they are not licensed as a special education teacher but still want to pursue a special education administration degree, they must be willing to earn dual licensure.  Once a special education teacher has worked in a classroom setting for numerous years and feels confident that they can oversee an entire district’s special education program, they can go on to earn their MA in Special Education Leadership. In this program, they will earn their Director of Special Education license, which is required in order to be a special education administrator. 

The Wisconsin Difference

In the MA in Special Education Leadership program at Wisconsin Lutheran College prepares teachers to take the next step in their careers and earn their Director of Special Education license #5080 through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  This program teaches professionals in Wisconsin to be caring and compassionate administrators and use data-driven research to back their decisions. Individuals within the program will have the ability to integrate their learning with ample technological application and leadership opportunities. They’ll learn not just how to be a special education administrator, but how to be the best special education administrator they can be for their students.  If you have questions about the MA in Special Education Leadership program at Wisconsin Lutheran College, fill out our form below and our enrollment specialist will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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