What can you do with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Leadership?

So maybe you earned some college credits a few years or even a few decades ago and you’ve decided to look into completing your degree. Maybe you work in business or a business adjacent career or are looking to enhance your management and leadership abilities. Maybe you aren’t totally sure what you have planned to do with your degree, but you know you want to earn your bachelor’s degree. 

Completing your degree within the Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management and Leadership program provides you with the business tools necessary to thrive. This can include changing your career, enhancing your current career, and earning more money.

Change careers

Perhaps you’re working in a career that is leaving you unfulfilled or even that is running you ragged. You once earned some college credits but decided not to continue for a personal or financial reason, but now you find yourself working a dead-end job you don’t want or enjoy. Completing your Bachelor’s in Business Management and Leadership degree from WLC can help change that. 

The curriculum of the bachelor in business management and leadership degree is designed to provide students with a broad business education while emphasizing management and leadership skills. You’ll learn the basics of marketing and applied economics while diving into understanding organizations, the principles of various management styles, law and ethics, and your own independent capstone project. 

Enhance Your Current Career

Nearly 60% of our graduates were promoted while within our program. Our graduates are primed to make an immediate impact in their workplace, even before they graduate! You’ll learn leadership skills that can translate into positions that previously you may have considered out of reach such as higher management positions.

Whether this means moving up at your current company or moving on to a new company in the same industry, know that WLC’s Bachelor in Business Management and Leadership will provide you with everything you need to know to grow, such as an understanding of human resources, how to lead an organization through change, and communicating in a professional setting. 

Earn more money

Not only could you entirely change or enhance your career by completing your bachelor’s degree in business management and leadership, but you could also potentially earn more, on average, than before. According to the Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities (APLU), completing your bachelor’s degree projects a lifetime earnings return on investment of approximately $750,000 more than with just some college education and nearly 1 million dollars more than with only a high school diploma. 

Completing your bachelor’s degree now has the potential to change your life. Start your road to change by calling us at 414.404.4028 or emailing us at OnlineInfo@wlc.edu today. 

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