What can you do with an M.A.Ed. in High Performance Instruction?

The Master of Arts in Education specialization in High Performance Instruction at Wisconsin Lutheran College prepares the next generation of educational leaders. Through this program, you will earn your Director of Instruction license (#5010) within the state of Wisconsin. With this degree, you will be able to work at any grade level and do a variety of different things. But you may be asking yourself, what exactly does this mean? Or what type of career can I have?  Below, we’ve listed three different job options available to you after completing your degree at WLC:

Curriculum Specialists

Curriculum specialists are also known as instructional coordinators or curriculum designers. They oversee and ensure that school curriculum and teaching standards are continuously updated and held to the highest ideals. They also develop the material used by teachers and principals, then evaluate those materials for their overall effectiveness. They work with school boards, the state, and follow federal regulations to evaluate techniques used by teachers to give their recommendations on changes that need to be made.  The median wage of curriculum specialists in 2020 was $66,970, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the upper 10 percent earning more than $105,650.

Director of Assessment 

A Director of Assessment is typically found at the collegiate level and oversees the overall collection, management, and evaluation of student learning outcomes. Essentially, they ensure that any student-oriented programs they enact are running smoothly and oversee the assessment of the students. They also often work to ensure that departments that are accredited remain within the bounds of their accreditation.  According to Zippia, the average salary of an Assessment Director is $75,000 country-wide, and specifically for the state of Wisconsin falls around $76,929. 

Director of Professional Development

A Director of Professional Development can work at either a university or another organization and their main duty is to oversee the professional development programs within that organization or institution. Essentially, their job is to improve the skills and abilities of those they’re enacting professional development programs for.  In an organization, they would be in charge of enacting professional development programs for the employees with the primary goal being the improvement of employee performance.  At the collegiate level, the Director of Professional Development would be in charge of the department that oversees the professional development programs on campus. Sometimes this could be combined with the adult education or continuing education departments as well.  While the salary is entirely dependent on what organization they work in, on average, Directors of Professional Development make, according to Zippia, $86,963 per year.  If you are interested in pursuing a career in any of these jobs and wish to earn your M.Ed. in High Performance Instruction, fill out the form on our M.A.Ed in High Performance Instruction page or call us at (414)404-4028.


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