What can you do with a Master’s in Leadership & Innovation?

Maybe you are a teacher who has been contemplating the next phase of your career. You no longer wish to work in a classroom, but would prefer to be involved with students in a different capacity. Earning a Master’s in Leadership and Innovation from Wisconsin Lutheran College allows you to take that next step in your career.  A Master’s in Leadership and Innovation from WLC provides you with the ability to earn a Principal license #5051 within the state of Wisconsin and equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a leadership role in the educational system. You’ll take courses such as Law and Ethics in Education Reform and Best Practices in High Performance Instructional Methodologies and a key part of your education will be learning how to best serve your students. There are a variety of career options for those who wish to earn their MA in Leadership and Innovation. Below, we’ll dive into some of them, explaining both what their role is and the financial outcomes of the position. 


Becoming a principal may seem like an obvious choice for those who pursue an MA in Leadership and Innovation as you earn your principal license in Wisconsin with this degree. Principals oversee the school, ensuring that students are provided with a safe and productive learning environment and that the staff performs up to their full potential. They are also in charge of budget management, curriculum design and development, and act as the public face of the school. While the salary of a principal depends on the area and institution, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, they made on average in 2020 $98,490 per year.

Deans of Students

Another potential job prospect for individuals who earn their MA in Leadership and Innovation is to become the dean of students at any level. Teachers who have secondary level educational experience may gravitate towards being a dean of students at a high school level while others may look into being the dean at a private institution where they oversee a large age range of students. A dean of students oversees the success of all students and is traditionally responsible for all discipline and behavioral issues. The average salary for a high school Dean of Students is $87,099.

Director of Instruction

A director of instruction is a lesser known option for those pursuing an MA in Leadership and Innovation. They are part of the administration team, typically at a district level, and report to the district administrator. They provide support in the planning and implementation of new instructional programs and integrating technology into the curriculum. On average, a director of instruction makes $77,448 per year The MA in Leadership and Innovation at Wisconsin Lutheran College is designed for professionals who want to take on a leadership role as the next step of their career. WLC’s faith-based curriculum encourages leadership through a Christian lens. Call our enrollment support specialist at 414.404.4028 or email us at onlineInfo@wlc.edu with any questions you may have about our program.


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